An Exploration of Education Tech and E-Learning
by Mike Simpson

Please visit my Scots to Canada Project Page. It’s the working demo for my WordPress-based e-learning course that explores Scottish emigration from Scotland to Canada.

About Mike Simpson’s E-Learning / Education Tech Explorations

Mike is an educator and designer from Toronto, Canada. Since 2000, he’s been a teacher / trainer and designer / media producer. Currently working on e-learning via hands-on exploration and study (Certificate at the University of Toronto), Mike is very excited about continuing to grow his skills in the hybrid areas that exist between education development and design / media.

Recently Mike has expanded from Adobe CC and its broad tools to the use of e-learning authoring tools and HTML5 animation programs (Articulate Storyline 2 and Tumult Hype). He’s currently seeking work in teaching / training and e-learning development / graphic design.

This website was built to showcase “Scots to Canada” – an e-learning project from Mike Simpson’s portfolio. More content will be added in 2016. In the meantime please check out Mike’s CV and Mike’s “Training” offerings at http://mikesimpson.ms/training.

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Questions? Comments. Please email Mike at: mike@mikesimpson.ms