An Exploration of Education and E-Learning
by Mike Simpson

Ancestry Project is an education program focused on Canadian culture and history. The project’s front face is an e-learning website that offers educators digital storytelling training and free PDF handouts. This special employment of WordPress showcases Mike Simpson’s design and learning development work.

Please visit my Scots to Canada Project Page. It’s the working demo for my WordPress-based e-learning course that explores Scottish emigration from Scotland to Canada.

About Mike Simpson’s E-Learning / Education Tech Explorations

Mike is an educator and designer from Toronto, Canada. Since 2000, he’s been a teacher / trainer and designer / media producer. Currently working on e-learning via hands-on exploration and study (Certificate at the University of Toronto), Mike is very excited about continuing to grow his skills in the hybrid areas that exist between education development and design / media.

Recently Mike has expanded from Adobe CC and its broad tools to the use of e-learning authoring tools and HTML5 animation programs (Articulate Storyline 2 and Tumult Hype). He’s currently seeking work in teaching / training and e-learning development / graphic design.

This website was built to showcase “Scots to Canada” – an e-learning project from Mike Simpson’s portfolio. More content will be added in 2016. In the meantime please check out Mike’s CV and Mike’s “Training” offerings at http://mikesimpson.ms/training.

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Questions? Comments. Please email Mike at: mike@mikesimpson.ms